About us

Come to relax in Relax Center in Cheb. We offer professional Thai massages that are enriching for your entire body. Do not miss foot massage, royal massage with hot herbs and many more. You can also choose from many packages. They alleviate stress, support the immune system, lower blood pressure and many other benefits. Enjoy a Thai massage that has become the healing art of antiquity. Come to relax in our center and take a rest for your body and soul.

Thai Massage Offer


Thai Massage - Removes tension and pain

750,-Kč / 60 minutes
1.100,-Kč / 90 minutes
1.400,-Kč / 120 minutes

Thai traditional massage


Aroma Oil massage - mixing essential oils with special massage oil to relax.

800,-Kč / 60 minutes
1.200,-Kč / 90 minutes
1.500,-Kč / 120 minutes

Aroma oil massage


Thai Foot Massage - Very effective, helps to maintain, restore the correct functioning of all parts of the body, including the internal organs and neck.

700,-Kč / 60 minutes

Thai Foot massage


Thai Herbal Massage - A small cloth bag filled with a mixture of 10 types of herbs and aromatic herbs is used.

1.300,-Kč / 90 minut

Thai herbal massage



MASSAGE TYPE 60 minutes90 minutes120 minutes
Thai traditional massage750,- Kč1.100,- Kč1.400,- Kč
Aroma oil massage800,- Kč1.200,- Kč1.500,- Kč
Thai herbal massage-1.300,- Kč-
Thai foot massage700,- Kč--